Audio Profile

My experience playing around with the Audacity was a pretty fun experience. I think what made this fun is that I actually knew how to use the program since I have used it before for another class. Going back to the first time I used the program it was very difficult for me to get used to, but when using the program this time it felt like it was way easier. It was pretty cool this time because I earned how to do everything with pretty much just my key board.

A couple things that I enjoyed about the program is the way you can use the key board and not just the mouse to modify and change your audio. This made everything so much easier because I was able to get to the part I wanted to delete and add in even easier. Another thing I like about the audio is when you play it back you can change the speed of you audio in order to delete all the little details. Another thing I liked was how clear all the playback sounds where. Even when I slowed the audio down I was able to hear the sounds very clearly. I didn’t enjoy the way it was so difficult to get the audio in the rite format in oader for it to work on the Audacity program. This was very difficult to get the interview I took on my phone in the rite format from MPEG4 to WAV. format.

Nothing really surprised me about the audio editing but how easy it was for me to edit my audio the second time I used the program. I was scared to try the program out because of past experiences, but this time around it surprised me with how easy it is. But also like I said I also found it surprising how difficult it is for you change the formats of the audio.

I wish I was able to play around with the program more. I wish there where more sounds that I could have added, but the assignment was not ment for that. I wish I could have increased and drceased sounds and added a instrumental audio behind the clip. I also wish I could have found out how to smoothly.

Nehemie Kankolongo Interview

For my interview I choose to interview a football player at the University of Wyoming by the name of Nehemie Kankolongo. During my interview I used my iPhone in order to conduct the interview. As far as doing the interview it was pretty simple to ask questions to Nehemie because I new the questions that I wanted to ask him to for my story across. Also it helps because I am friends with Neheme so it was easy to communicate with him, while at the same time it make it more comfortable for him to communicate with me. Having interviewed a friend mad the interview process a whole lot funnier. it created a great experience as well. I have been interviewed many of time because of football, but I was awesome to sit behind the other side of the recorder.

The things that I enjoyed about the interview was how free spoken the person I was interviewing was. I also enjoyed his answers it really gave me a lot of stuff to work with and it was very informational. Another thing I enjoyed was actually for once being interviewed in a personal bases and not just about the football team. Something’s that I didn’t enjoy was trying to find a quiet space. We decided to do our interview in the football building but we couldn’t find a quiet spot. Luckily we where able to find a quiet film room that wasn’t being used at the time after practice.

The one thing I wish I could have done different for this project is actually having a real audio recording device. It was hard to transfer files in to certain files. I wish that in my interview I could of got some consistent sound in the background to make the interview not seem so dry.

Creative Devices

Featured image

Title: Flight

This photo of a plane wing in the  sky that I took. I think this photo shows a creative device of background. I think that the  brightness of the clouds make the darker wing stick out.

Featured image

Title: The Walk Way To Nothing

In this photo it shows the walk way on a plane and seats with people sitting in them. This photo shows a creative device of linear lines. In the photo is shows the seats which are in line which looks like its leading to a bright light. Also the lights if you where to look at the lights at the top you might find it leading you somewhere as well.

Featured image

This is a picture that I found on campus on morning as the light was shinning on them and I thought that they looked pretty neat. I think this photo shows a creative device of color. I think that the photo shows bright colors that make the picture stand out. it also has many different shades of color in the photo. I also believe that the photo also shows a little bit of pattern in the photo. The flowers are all in a kind of diagonal pattern if you look closely and all the buds of the flowers all look the same.

Featured image

Title: City living

In this photo is a couple of buildings that I got the change to shoot. I like this photo cause it shows nice white bright buildings in the back and a darker building that’s closer. I think that this photo shows a great example of rule of thirds. If you look at the bigger building that takes up about 1/3 of the picture.

Featured image

Title: Big Blue see

This is a photo that I was able to take on a boat out in the ocean. I thought this photo was a pretty neat demonstration of view point. The photo shows a pretty good viewpoint of the ocean from the boat.

Is The NFL Taking The Rite Steps?

Over the past couple of weeks the talk on all of the radio stations, sports channels, and sports broadcasters have been talking about the issues of domestic violence in sports and specifically the NFL.  A lot of people have many different opinions about the issues that have taken hand, but for the most part people feel like domestic violence should not be tolerated. I believe that domestic violence shout not be tolerated and there should definitely be a strict penalty for a person and players the commit such a crime.


The issues of domestic violence in sports started up around 4 weeks ago when Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was video taped hitting his fiancé in a elevator knocking her to the ground the eventually dragging her out of the elevator as she laid unconscious. The event happened in mid February at a casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. In July the NFL Suspended Ray Rice for the first two games of the season. After his suspension was set, TMZ released the video of the elevator incident to the public. After peoples reaction to the incident the NFL went back and suspended Rice indefinitely from the NFL. Rice is now married to his fiancé (the same one he hit in February) and they are both working on Rice’s appeal to the NFL.

Rice has not been the only one in the past couple weeks to have domestic problems in the NFL. Several players have had problems with violence in the past couple months and the NFL is doing something about it. According to CNN Since 2000 85 out of a 713 cases players where arrested because of domestic violence. The NFL is turning it up a notch and is not playing about violence. They are now turning the notch up on the suspensions. In the past players where suspended for 2 out of the 16 games. Now since the Ray Rice incident the NFL has stepped the suspensions up to first offense a player is suspended for six games. If a player gets a second offense then he is suspended from the NFL then after a year the player can petition his suspension.

When I sit back and ask my self is the NFL doing enough to players when they get charged with domestic violence? I believe that they are. I believe that by the suspending players for a longer time ten after the second time they have the choice to you back in after a year if they feel like it is ok for you to do so. When I asked Rebekah Harman a female student at the University of Wyoming how she felt about the NFL efforts to decrease domestic violence she said ” I see how they are making an effort to correct the situation. Hopefully players think about what they are doing now before they take a violent action.”

The NFL is also taking action by educating players about the situation and how to prevent them from ever happening. When I interviewed Robert Herron a football player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers he said ” They are making sure we a educated on how to help our selves and fellow teammates out when stuck in the situation.” The NFL has also taking action by in the media to try to prevent the bad that people have seen. I have seen more and more of the NFL community service commercial ads. Also I have seen more families being involved in football games around the NFL and have seen more specials on players with there families ever since the Ray Rice incident has accrued.

When interviewing a male student at the University of Wyoming Thomas Washington he said ” I do feel like it is a big deal, but there is also a lot to the story the people don’t know. His Fiance (Now wife) is still with him so he must not be a bad guy. His teammates also said this is unlike him so I believe he should be let back in the league because this is a one time thing for him and hadn’t happen before then.”

The question around the sport world is also why was Ray Rices suspension changed after the video was released? People are also saying that the commissioner of the NFL had already seen the video before he gave Rice his first suspension.

I believe that the NFL is doing the rite thing by trying to increase the penalty on violence. I think it is time to show athletes that its not rite to act violently and like everyone else you should be able to use you job also kids are looking up to these guys to and when they here them acting such ways then that is unacceptable.





Multimedia Story

The site that I was assigned to take look at was the article called Coal: A Love Story. While on the page the first thing that I did was click the start your experience button which brought me to a video screen. I watched the Coal: A Love Story video then clicked on the side button on the side called “You Might Not See It.” I watched the video called “Coal and You” then clicked on the calculate coal button. This page took me to a page where you could calculate your coal by the year and compared to other citizens. After that I watched a little bit of the “Even when it hurt us” video.

When looking back at the article I found that it was pretty easy to navigate the home page. When I scrolled through the home page it was very easy to navigate. There where not drop down links every thing was on the page. When clicking the first thing on the article it took me to a video. After it was kind of hard to figure out where to go next. I luckily saw the small boxes of to the side and realized they where actually links. When looking at it the small boxes where very hard to find if the boxes where actually at the bottom of the page and where bigger it would have made it easier to be seen. As far as everything else it is a pretty simple layout it is easy to get back to different things. As far as the pictures there where real clear and all of them had big font on theme pretty much telling you the article you where going to get when you clicked on the pictures. it would have been nice if you where told you can click on the pictures, but for the most part the pictures where helpful.Coal anthracite.jpg

I couldn’t find the creator, producer or the reporter. I looked at the bottom of the page to see if there was going to be a link to the page but I was unable to find any links to this page.

For another look at the page and to see how someone else felt about the page I decided to take a look and see what my roommate Trey had to say about the page. When I told him it was for my Online Journalism class he was more than happy to help. When he first started looking at the page he found the same button taking him to the Coal: A Love Story video he watched a little. Then he clicked he clicked on the next button at the bottom of the page. Then this took him back to the home page. After that he had a little trouble figuring out what to do next, but he ended up clicking on the “From coal town to ghost town” graphic which took him to anothershort video. After that he clicked on the same page I clicked on where he had to calculate his coal. Just like me my participant also had a problem trying to find the contact page to the article.

The things that I found real helpful on the page that don’t need to change is the was it is so easy to scroll down on the home page. Think this is helpful because it make it easier to navigate instead of getting lost on different pages. Another thing that was helpful was the pictures with what they where talking about on the pictures. I also had how they different things for you to do on the site. For a person like my self I like to watch videos so it made it better for me because the site had a bunch of videos and also had some different activates you could take part of.

Some things that the website should change is the buttons on the side of the page need to be bigger for the users eye to catch. I think is they where bigger it would make it a lot easier to navigate the page. I also think that they should make it easier to find the creator since me and my friend Trey couldn’t find it. Last I think that they should tell you that you needed to click on the pictures from the beginning to get to the videos.

News Diet

My news diet looks like a persons diet if there a picky eater. I really only take in and listen to the news that I want to listen to. Things that don’t interest me like politics and things like that don’t interest me. Those type of news sources I really don’t pay attention to. The news I am more interested in is things dealing with sports and music.

I sometime get news on my Yahoo homepage on my laptop, but I rarely look at it and pay attention to it. I usually get my news from my phone with notifications from the Bleacher Report which gives me sports news. But when things happen in the United States or around the world I usually get my news from twitter.


As far as sharing news and talking about news I really don’t talk about news that much. Since I do play football there are sometimes we talk about certain things in the locker-room. Most of the things we talk about rarely have to deal with politics, the war, or which storm damged a certain area. But the things we talk about are who won which game or got suspended, we also talk about what day which rapper album might come out.

I believe as far as my news diet I need to improve on trying out new things. I know my picky ways of will never change and I will always continue to going back to my phone and to my twitter to get my news, but I will try to improve an expand my news categories.